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tracee wilkins joins us live with today's testimony. tracee? >> reporter: the defense is hoping that that it's going to help land her with involuntary manslaughter as opposed to first-degree murder. as you said, yes, she did take the stand in her own defense. now this case is in the hands of the jury. and they're deliberating after hearing alexis simpson explain from her own mouth what happened when she stabbed her roommate. this morning, alexis simpson was prepared to take the stand in her own defense. the former bowie state student is facing murder charges. they were preparing for a homecoming comedy show. they got in an altercation from loud music. it would be the last in a series of disagreements the two had that semester. simpson testified that she, meaning dominique, slammed the door and hit my face with the door pretty hard. it caused my head to jerk. she, meaning dominique, opened her door and stepped out. she said what's up and started to swing. she upper cut me while holding my hair. other witnesses testified that alexis was the one to throw the first punch. after the
detail today. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live outside the courtroom in upper marlboro with the latest. tracee? >> reporter: jim, the best way to describe today would be emotional. after closing arguments, they dove directly into very graphic details explaining what happened when this student was killed, at times witnesses cried, family members and friends cried, and some folks had to leave the courtroom. today the state began its argument. they painted the defendant alexis simpson as a student with choices. who chose to stab and killed her suite mate. the student dominique frazier. the defense depicted frazier as a bully who tormented her roommate. >> they are portraying dominique to be a bully which i'm not seeing will. >> reporter: frazier died after knife wounds cut her trachea, jugular and knicked her vertebrae, according to the state's opening argument. the state call three witnesses. the victim's mother and two students who witnessed the stabbing, including the victim's best friend. tucker talked about what was going on in the dorm before the stabbing. s
george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live at national harbor with more on this election eve. tracee? >> reporter: we spoke with the mgm ceo how he feels his campaign has gone and all the money he's spent. we've also spoken with maryland's comptroller about what he has done to try and sway voters as they both make their last-minute pushes to try and impact the outcome of question 7. >> did we know it was going to be this expensive? no. >> reporter: the ceo of mgm has spent nearly $30 million fighting for gaming expansion in maryland, and an opportunity to open a casino in prince george's county. >> they made a mistake. they alienated one of the casinos by not cutting them in on the public gravy train. >> reporter: maryland kor comptroller speaking. penn gaming owns a number of casinos. it has spent $41 million battling question 7, by focusing on whether money from the expansion will benefit education. >> not one dime has gone to education because of gambling. >> reporter: he's come out against question 7. he said marylanders should be concerned about the amount of money both
referendum 7. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is here to tell us why neighbors are suing the governor, among others. tracee? >> reporter: doreen, the folks who have filed this suit are saying they are concerned about a casino coming to their community. they had always been concerned but didn't think there was anything they could do about did after the passage of question 6. they met an attorney who said he had looked at some issues, and maybe they had a lawsuit. we were here first. this is an old established community. >> reporter: when these fort washington residents say not in my backyard, it's as literal as it gets. >> there's the harbor right there. >> when you think about a casino coming here. >> oh, please. >> reporter: this is the view of the national harbor that most folks are familiar with. but this is the other side of all of that. this old community, filled with thousands of homes and people who are worried about what a casino is going to mean for them. >> we don't like it one bit. we're very upset. >> so when the folks who live here found out there was a possi
roommates to death. tracee wilkins is live outside the courthouse with more on what was said in court today as the state continued to present its case. tracee? >> reporter: well, jim, we just watched alexis simpson leave a few minutes ago. she left wa friend to go home for the evening. she'll have to be back in court tomorrow morning as the defense presents its side of this trial. yes, we heard a lot of graphic testimony. we also heard testimony from the medical examiner who was explaining how violent that cut was. we also heard from roommates. today in the murder trial of a former bowie state university student, there were new revelations that the state continued presenting its case. 20-year-old alexi simpson is facing murder charges in the stabbing and killing of her suite mate dominic frazier. the state's first witness, kiera johnson, described what she saw when the stabbing happened. she said i didn't even see the knife. but when dominique hit her, the girl had the knife in her hand. i don't think she meant to cut dominique, but it just happened. the defense is saying the stabbing accid
coverage. we begin with prince george's bureau chief tracee wilkins with a look at what's next if voters pass on bringing a new casino to the national harbor. >> reporter: voters in prince george's county decide they don't want today acasino in this county, that won't necessarily mean an end for gaming expansion in maryland. what voters decide on question 7 will forever change the face of gaming in maryland. we spoke with voters today in the county who say they are very aware of the power of their vote. >> i voted for number 7. i believe it will create jobs. and it will help the schools. >> if you gamble, that's your choice. being a christian woman i just voted against it. >> reporter: polls show an uncertain future for gaming expansion in maryland and a sixth casino. >> we get 100% of nothing if we don't vote to do something. >> reporter: if voters vote against 7 but the rest of maryland approves it, that will mean gaming expands but prince george's does not get a casino. if they vote for question 7 and the rest state says no, that will mean no table games. and no future for mgm. the ce
was held last night. as tracee wilkins reports now, some people are concerned they'll have to wait for years before projects like that one could become reality. >> i have been coming twice a week and there's no one here working. as you can see, it's a beautiful day. >> reporter: residents in southern prince george's county are worried about the lack of work park and planning seem to be putting in to improving parks in the area, especially since some of the projects have been paid for for years. >> they say okay to these projects, but it takes forever for them to build it. >> reporter: some students here say they wanted a place to ride their skateboards. so, the delegate went to annapolis and got $250,000 in bond money to help build this skate park. four years later, this is as far as the project has gone. >> the pois that talk to me about the skate park are graduating from college this year. >> reporter: maryland state delegate says he's secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funds for park projects that have not gotten off the ground. this wooded area is supposed to be
to go on trial tomorrow for murdering dominique frazier. >> tracee wilkins explains how the death has affected the campus over the last year. >> reporter: a lot has changed on the campus of bowie state university in the last year. in the shadows of the university's expansion lies the memory of a violent night that has forever changed this campus. >> just thinking about that day just brings back so many memories of like how it hurts. >> reporter: on september 15th of last year while most of the campus enjoyed a homecoming comedy show, two students, 20-year-old alexis simpson and 18-year-old dominique frazier were in their dorm room having a disagreement over the volume of an ipod. that fight escalated into simpson stabbing and killing frazier. according to court documents, after it was over, frazier yelled to onlooking students, i didn't mean to do it. you all know what i've been through. you all jumped me. then she ran out of the dorm disappearing for hours before turning herself in to police. >> i actually live in the building where it happened. and now they're taking a lot of precau
, a new legal challenge aims to stop it. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is at national harbor where the fate of a potential new casino hangs in the balance. >> reporter: jim, this lawsuit was filed last friday. and they're going to be doing more filing in the coming days hoping to get a hearing on the class action lawsuit. they're filing it on behalf of folks who live just over in on the other side of national harbor. and it's really technical. so we'll have the attorney break down for you what it means. it all comes down to who was qualified and how many people actually voted. there are 3.7 million qualified voters in maryland. on tuesday, about 69% of them came out to vote, and they decided to expand gambling in maryland. according to the state board of elections. but an attorney has filed a civil suit that challenges in part the election's results. >> how many votes do you need to be successful. >> reporter: according to the maryland board of elections, 52% of the people who voted on question 7 were in favor of it, causing the measure to pass. but in the civil suit c
. >> tracee wilkins is at national harbor with what county executives and voters have to say about a casino coming to their area. >> reporter: i know a lot of people woke up this morning thinking, i can go and start playing table games now in maryland. well, that's not the way this process is going to work. this is actually just the beginning. there's a lot of work that has to happen between the county and the state. and that work starts with annapolis. the first changes you'll see thanks to the passage of question 7 will be an existing maryland casino, like maryland live, where the introduction of table games like blackjack and roulette will begin. they're expecting to hire more than 1,200 new people to handle the work. >> it does impact us. i think in a favorable way. howard county residents will have an opportunity to get jobs and more revenue coming into the state. >> reporter: prince georgians will have to wait until 2016 for a new casino to open. the way the legislation was crafted, they'll have a few years to get the casino off the ground without having to compete with prince george'
's county tracee wilkins with what the executives have to say about the casino landing in their area. >> reporter: we also talked with voters this morning. while it passed in prince george's county by a large majority, there are still plenty of voters who didn't want to see that happen. now everyone wrapping their minds around this. fireworks over national harbor. an afternoon press conference on the subject -- >> i think it will give us the type of site on the east coast that you're not going to see anywhere else. >> reporter: county executives joined prince george's baker to reflect on what they were all able to accomplish in maryland and prince george's county. with baker's leadership. >> without his leadership, without his commitment, and his forceful ability to go out and help make the case initially, and to help carry us across the finish line, we bo not be here. >> reporter: gaming expansion passed in maryland 52% to 48%, and 59% to 41% in prince george's county. leaving a large minority of voters unhappy. >> i voted against it. but i was overruled, so prayerfully it will brin
was acting in self-defense. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins was in court all day and has more on this story. >> reporter: this is the defendant, alexis simpson, leaving the courthouse in upper marlboro after a second day of testimony in her murder trial. the state showed video of dominique frazier seconds after she was stabbed. the short cell phone video showed the victim slumped over leaning against a wall in the hallway. there were two people applying pressure to her wounds. she wasn't moving. alexis simpson is charged in the connection and stabbing of her suite mate. during cross-examination, the state's first witness, kiera johnson, a friend of the victim described what she saw. she said i didn't even see the knife. but when dominique hit her, the girl had the knife in her hand. i don't think she meant to cut dominique, gu just happened. the defense is saying the stabbing accidently happened in self-defense. simpson and frazier were suite mates who stopped getting along soon after the beginning of the school year. the two girls supposedly had a few altercations on cam
night last fall. tracee wilkins spent the day in court as the defense tried to pain its client as a victim of bullying. >> reporter: today in court in upper marlboro, was revealed the defendant was afraid of her roommate. the defense says she tried to get another roommate. but her request was denied. in opening statements, the attorney for the defense said simpson told management they are threatening me and i'm afraid they're going to jump me. i just want to change rooms. that request was denied. a week later, her roommate dominique frazier was stabbed to death inside their dorm and now simpson stands accused of killing her. frazier died after knife wounds cut her trachea, jugular and knicked her vertebrae according to the state's opening arguments. the state called several witnesses including the best friend who saw the stabbing. during cross-examination of tucker, was revealed the frazier had a knife in her dorm and grabbed to it use on simpson. but a friend convinced her to put it away. that was before simpson appeared with her own knife. the defense is working to paint fraz
in the state. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is there. >> reporter: maryland voters have a big decision to make. so do the folks who live here in prince george's county. and after months of back and forth, now the people will have a chance to decide on voting on gaming expansion. the 2012 regular legislative session ended in annapolis without a ballot question for a new casino in prince george's. just ask the opposition breathed a sigh of relief. governor o'malley called for a summer special session. after days of negotiations, question 7 was pen. question 7 will allow for the edition of table game at maryland casinos. 24 hour casino operation and create a sixth casino in prince george's county among other things. immediately following its approval of annapolis, the most expensive campaigning in maryland's history began. there has been an estimated $71 million spend total on ads and an all-out effort to sway voters. the likely operator of the new casino in prince george's has spent an estimated $30 million. >> the no on 7 campaign is anti-jobs for maryland. it is anti-tax
to call 911 that night. tracee wilkins has the 911 call from alexis simpson herself following her deadly fight with her roommate. it's coming up on news4 at 5:00. >>> a 1-year-old girl at the center of an amber alert is now safe in protective custody today. police say she was kidnapped by her parents. officers say eric black and jennifer carlwile took their daughter on thursday. they were supposed to turn her over to social services. police found the mother and her girl in prince george's county. her father was arrested in chesterfield, virginia. both parents are in jail at this hour. the girl was not injured. >>> taking a look live outside to the weather. the question today, will there be more cold for the weekend. >> yes, storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is standing by with the answer to that question. it's a weekend, veronica, be good to us. >> you're going to love the weekend forecast, how about that. you're really going to like it. there's no big storms coming our way for sure. now, this morning you probably thought that we were going to get a lot of rain because we were
roommate not guilty last night. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins with more on the tragedy on the campus. >> reporter: the voice you hear on this 911 call is that of alexis simpson. simpson walked out of the prince george's county courthouse last night a free woman, after a jury cleared her of all seven charges related to the stabbing death of her former bowie state university roommate, dominique frazier. on these 911 calls, you can hear simpson explaining herself, to people who are standing by. >> reporter: frazier and simpson had an argument in their on-campus apartment over loud music coming from an ipod that resulted in a fist fight and ended th simpson stabbing frazier. she said she grabbed her knife to scare her roommate and her friends away. she said she did not mean to kill frazier and jurors believed her. many of the students we spoke with on campus said they disagreed. >> i was surprised. because that's somebody's child. she's dead. i don't think it's fair -- i understand they dropped some charges, but all of them? i don't think that's right. >> i don't necessaril
tracee wilkins tells us what simpson said on the stand today. >> reporter: two girls who did not like each other. they had a number of arguments throughout the school year before this incident happened. these are also two girls who came to school packing knives. in fact, today the prosecution used the deceased's knife to show an example of just how big the knife was that alexis simpson used to kill her. now, the prosecution saying that although these girls did not like each other, and made some bad decisions, one of them took it too far and could spend the rest of her life behind bars. alexis simpson took the stand in her own defense today. simpson, who's out on bond is accused of stabbing and killing her roommate, dominique frazier, over an argument of loud music in their dorm last year. simpson testified she was scared of frazier, who she had had a number of arguments with. in cross-examination, the state prosecutor painted young simpson as a woman who wasn't afraid of conflict. the reality is, you weren't scare of dominique? simpson, i was. you weren't scared of nielha? i was. you'
she was acting in self-defense. coming up at 5:00, prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins will have more on that. >>> 20 public schools could soon be closed in the district. d.c. public schools' chancellor kaya henderson announced the plan this morning. the schools will be closed in every ward except wards 1 and 3. most of the schools closings are in wards 5 and 7. the name of the schools are being announced at a news conference right now. chris gordon will have a full report with all the details coming up at 5:00. >>> take a i halive look outsid. we are about to get our coldest weather in nearly a week. >> dig sweaters and the coats out. that comes after a messy morning commute. the problem wasn't just the rain. veronica johnson has the latest. veronica? >> that's right. we had some wind, too, this morning and even some sleet in a couple of neighborhoods. outside, we do have sunshine with us. as the clear skies came in very quickly behind the weather front this morning. we had pockets of sleet right there. the front was moving out. the last of the cold air rushing in. not
year. tracee wilkins, coming up, we talk with students on this campus about how that murder changed this school. >>> planning a run to the outlets for holiday gifts? i'm liz crenshaw. the deals and don't about shopping tonight news4 at 11:00. >>> a team of veterans all over the country pitched in to help victims from hurricane sandy. >> a report from queens. >> reporter: before fema and the american red cross came to this ocean-torn peninsula, a group was already on the ground helping those who thought they were all alone. people like jennifer. >> it's been brutal. we lost everything we're just taking it day by day. >> reporter: it brought hope as groups check in on people and in jennifer's case, help rebuild her home. >> they don't know me. they just want to help. it's just really very, very heart warming. >> reporter: the not for profit organization comprised of veterans all over the country arrived after sandy, and turned this domestic war zone into their command post. from here, they welcomed the displaced. >> i call them my 12 angels. >> reporter: as well as the thousands of vo
of a skate park and it took four years to get this far and now the work has staupd, again. i'm tracee wilkins, coming up on news 4, why folks are >>> you know what, we are playing football in gaithersburg and we're talking about playoffs. playoffs. jim mora -- we're talking about playoffs. most fridays we're spotlighting the area powerhouses and tonight we're looking at the underdog. proving they are not just a one-hit wonder. they're making their second straight playoff appearance in as many years but the schedulemakers didn't do them many favors. hey, zach. >> hey. something about playoff football that just feels good. after talking to a couple of the guys this week, i know i'm not alone. here's the story tonight, the runners up last year in the state championship game and they feel like they have unfinished business. on the other side, bethesda chevy chase. put together three winning seasons. they did it this year, they're hungry and ready to get some stuff done. last year they got bounced early from the playoffs and this time they're trying to make a statement. no better time than the pre
at 5:00 tonight, tracee wilkins finds out what prince george's county leaders have to say about the new casino coming to their region. >>> some couples are already looking to the future now. starting next year, same-sex marriage will be legal in the state. voters in maryland and maine became the first to approve gay marriage instead of having a court decide the matter. news4's megan mcgrath is telling what this means for one local family. >> reporter: for bonny and roamy, the passage of question 6, maryland's civil marriage protection act, is a victory for their relationship of seven years. >> i burst out crying. of course, just absolutely thrilled, delighted. >> i'm proud to be a marylander. >> reporter: reverend burger and paladino have helped hundreds of other same-sex couples commit to their partners. both are ministers who have performed same-sex marriages in d.c. now they look forward to their own wedding in maryland. >> my beloved actually to get on her knee, and propose, so that's in the future. >> reporter: like many around the state, they watched the election results with keen
it blindly when it hit frazier in the neck. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has been in the courtroom today. she'll have a live update on news4 at 5:00. >>> new details coming out about an fbi raid in district heights. an 18-year-old college student was hit by shrapnel after the s.w.a.t. team entered a home this morning. jackie bensen is live on the scene where she talked to someone inside the house about what went down. jackie? >> reporter: well, jim, you can see hours after this happened, fbi agents are still on the scene here in district heights. i spoke to the homeowner earlier, and he said he and his family were sleeping when a full fbi s.w.a.t. team burst through the door about 6:00 a.m. he said everyone woke up and instinctively ran toward the front door. his 18-year-old daughter reached the top of the short landing and when she did, he heard an agent yell, she's got a gun. >> she's standing there with no clothes on, practically no clothes on with nothing in her hand, and they're shooting these big ar-15s at her. you know, and almost hit her. i told her to run
folks won't be waiting three and four hours. reporting live in prince george's county i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> the news 4 iteam is looking out for problems with voting. if you see a problem we'd like to hear from you. call the iteam voter patrol tip line. the number is 202-885-4444. or you can e-mail your tips to make sure to give us your name and number and the location of the problem you're reporting. >>> a d.c. official is defending his use of a government cell phone to make calls on an adult chat line. his name is lenwood johnson. he's a member of the advisory neighborhood commission. he represents columbia heights. and according to the "washington post," johnson spent 158 hours on chat lines over the last year. all of them using his government-paid phone. he told the "post" it helps keep him awake while he's driving. johnson says he was not told about any restrictions on the use of that phone. >>> this morning a sfafrd county deputy shot and killed a 17-year-old. somebody placed a 911 call to report an abandoned vehicle. the investigation led deputies to a hom
with students at bowie state university about that and get their reaction. tracee wilkins, news4. >>> we have a developing story in fairfax county. a former teacher arrested and accused of sexually assaulting students decades ago. this afternoon police in mclean, virginia, arrested chris ton kloman. a woman says she ran into him at the washington episcopal school in bethesda last year while he was working as a substitute teacher there, teaching young kids. and that's why she came forward 43 years after the alleged incident. she said she was 12 at the time. this investigation revealed additional female victims and investigators think there could be even more. >>> right now, route 97 in montgomery county is still closed because of a school bus flipped onto its side after being clipped by a car around 1:30 this afternoon near rolling hills drive near the howard and montgomery county line. police say the car was trying to turn when it collided with the bus. one student onboard at the time wasn't hurt. both drivers did suffer some minor injuries. >>> tonight a death investigation in whoeton about
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